Review of Army Antz as Real Time Strategy Game

Digital World Studio will get you to build your epic army of Antz then guide your team to combat with opponents standing in your path

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This game seems to bring a real time strategic action-packed genre where you can clash 5 on 5 on the battle of this game.

All you will do is to invade the enemy’s base by taking their base flag and blocking their support then win the game

Along the game, you will lead an intrepid band of ants through 19 levels, in which each level offers the minuscule ant concept, where you will get to wander around household items such as tins of paint or food items, or treading in giant human footprints.

Early on the game, you will go to each stage by tapping on the icon of an ant before tapping on where you want it to go to.
Tapping the equivalent of a select-all button will send all your units to the same place.

But, you will need to split up and mount a pincer style attack so that they will not be easily shot by projectile weapons such grenades or missiles from enemies.

Each ant here will be equipped with a different weapon class
And, the assault class may be a good all rounder in the game

In line with this, try to bring the more explosive classes such as Laucher which will really be useful when dealing with harder levels.

AS usual, this game will need coins and crystals as the main currencies to get more weapons and level up your troops
In order to get these coins, you can merely play this game and beat your rival in the battlefield

Graphically, this game has been made in great graphics and it also offers a campaign mode and two player local multiplayer

If you play in the campaign mode, it does not provide an enticing story
And, playing in the local multiplayer will get you to play with your friends online
In addition, this game, Army Antz is still enjoyable to play on the go


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