Review of Area 777 Save The World With Spin Slots

Adult Swim along with Area 777 will allow you to spin the reels, place special chips and use your amazing stage magic to beat invading aliens, as well as making a big score and defending Vegas

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This game adapts the concept of slot machine, with a hint of tower defense.
Every level in this game consists of a slot machine, with enemies slowly making their way across it in order to unleash damage toward you.
In line with this, you must hit the spin button and make sure the reels line up then take them out along the way.

On the other side, having special chips can help keep you alien-free, so that you can keep Chazz Fabulous focused on the task at hand.
You will also find out that your bankroll cleverly doubles as your pool of hit points
Therefore, you must watch your balance as you worry about how close the aliens are getting.

With simple touch control options, you can even play it with one hand.
Thus, just try to rescue the world while you are spinning the reels.

Along the game, you will see some element of strategy through the acquisition of chips, in which these chips frequently correspond to an element, such as fire or ice, which allow you to set the enemies on fire or freeze a reel in a certain position.

During the game, you will be spinning reels hoping it pays off, but feeling like a spectator.
Anyway, Area 777 will attract your attention as you will find your mind wandering to more interesting things.
Sometimes, you will also speed up the spins, if you are playing in a hurry.

After playing this game for a while, you will gain experience and level up your character as well as unlock new areas.

In addition, this game is quickly repetitive, and you will wonder just where things go wrong as there is a dire lack of imagination.


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