Review of Anomaly Defenders by Chillingo

After launching tiny troopers alliance chillingo has now announced anomaly defenders to be available on ios and it comes into play

anomaly defenders hints and walkthrough

Anyway, turning back to Tower Defense will be a wise move for the last title in the Anomaly game series.
This new game form chillingo might not be especially revolutionary for the genre, but it will be a solid series that gives a lot of well job and it is easily enjoyed by anyone playing it.

In this game, you will have a heavy duty to protect an alien world from invading humans.
Again, this game is a fairly traditional fixed-path Tower Defense game with different lanes to guard and it also offers extra challenge.

In line with this, you will possible place harvesting buildings in a way that encourages the hordes to follow a particular lane.

However, it will be a bit sluggish for this game as it comes with only one tower type to choose from for the first few levels.

This game features some game modes in which Easy is far too easy a mode to choose, Normal and Hard soon ramp things up.

You will also find a technology tree to assign points to, in which it increases some further variety to your upgrading potential while not overcomplicating matters.

Meanwhile, the amount of points you have at your disposal change will be based on the difficulty level you undertake
For such reasons, it will be wise to push yourself as your upgrades really make a difference later on.

From the beginning, you will be appreciating the importance of placing towers behind structures and enjoying the benefits of a pause button which allows you to evaluate your next move.

This game may start slowly in the beginning of the level, but once Anomaly Defenders gets going, this game will be pretty fast-paced stuff to play with.

In conclusion, this game might not be a dramatic change for the genre, but this game will give you quite visually impressive, along with a highly enjoyable series.


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