Review of Annoying Cab as Retro Typing Game

Pine Entertainment has presented Annoying Cab on mobile platforms, ios and android where you will be allowed to type a phrase for points.

annoying cab walkthrough iphone android

In this game, words will pop up on the screen in sentence form, and it is free to type or tap the phrase to earn points.
Similar to the most typing games, you will get a score constantly, and your character-per-minute ratio will be tracked as well.

Early on this game, the driver will initially say something then you will respond what he has said about But, the odd choice to put in internet lingo such as OMG will throw you off.

Along the game, you will often meet a lot of awkward dialog that will make you not want to type back even if Annoying Cab is more polished.
You will see one conversation involving the cabbie picking up an old friend, whom he does not recognize as he is so fat now!
Here, you will spend a roughly a minute talking about how fat he is, which is really strange and not enough funny to talk about.

However, the subsequent rounds or conversations do not refresh your life bar after completion.
In line with this, it will be better to simply score players based on their typing skill and allow them to see new content and conversations
Also, you will see many of the initial dialog options repeat, which will get you to relieve the same experience over and over.

Anyway, beyond that circumstance, Annoying Cab has offered a great art style with the retro game
And, you will see the characters are unique enough to stand out.

On the other side, what the developer applies in the monetization strategy is quite fair, as you will be allowed to download the base game for free, then you will spend $0.99 to remove ads scattered on the screen while you are playing this game.
In addition, this game has a great art style and it is worth to taste this typing game in this winter.


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