Review of Animals vs Mutants by Netmarble Games

Netmarble Games has offered a new strategy or tower defense game in their recent game, Animals vs Mutants.

animals vs mutants wallkthrough ios android

This game is very cute which features a war between animals and mutants
It might also conjure up mental images of a bloody gore-fest which is all teeth and claws in straightforward form.

This game begins as a rescue mission where mutants have kidnapped the forest’s animals, and iti is the time to guide the fuzzy-wuzzy critters into battle.
As animals are freed, your army will be with those animals to its forces gradually build.
Here, you will be able to score mounts that tack on extra hit points and sometimes you will also execute hard-hitting attacks, that is pretty fun along with anything cute, fuzzy, and collectable.

You will be served with a 2D plane with your headquarters at one end, and the mutants’ headquarters on the other.
You will be able to use mana, that accumulates over time, and you are able to summon animals to push back enemy forces and attack the mutants’ domain.

Those animals will come with different skills that will be useful during battle
In line with this, turtles can defend against attacks, pandas can roll downhill, squirrels can throw nuts uphill
You will see battles which are not overly exciting, and the small fields make them feel a bit cramped.

On the other side, it also helps a great deal to equip the animal warriors well, but it takes a great deal of coins.
In related to coins, you can gather them in-battle, and you can also purchase them via an in-app purchase.

Anyway, this game is still kind of fun to play with all the collectables on-hand.
So just try to win a dragon mount in a random lottery and ride it into battle for fun.


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