Review of Angry Birds Stella by Rovio

Based on the game rating, The Angry Birds series is one of the popular mobile franchises as every series’ success has been so big along with the production of merchandise and animated shows.

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Anyway, each new game will bring a new twist in the formula but for revolutionary.
And Angry Birds Stella, as the newest entry of the series, is really no different than the several previous ones.

This game is coming with new animations for the lady birds and the enemies, new environments and more.
Here, the environments are especially pleasing thanks to their colorful nature and unique design.

By the way, playing Angry Birds Stella like playing an Angry Birds game, where you will be throwing birds by using a catapult to destroy structures and defeat enemies.
Once you run out of birds, you must start again from the beginning.

This come is along with the new lady birds with some new and interesting possibilities, and special powers that are nothing like the ones seen in previous entries of the series.

This game can be aimed again after launch, so that you can make your bounce around
Alongside, another of the new birds uses a sonic blast that can be aimed once launched and more.

Again, this game is nothing revolutionary but it helps you in making the experience feel fresher. you will be served with new gameplay mechanic about how the number of total available birds is calculated in each stage
Thus, it is based on your performance in the previous stage
Having three stars mean that you will have plenty of birds available
And, zero stars means that you will have to clear the next stage with just a few birds.
Because of this, it adds more to the stars mechanics, that will give you more incentive in mastering each and every stage.

With the new features of this game, can play it without any waiting time until level 23, where you will have to wait for an hour once a bomb gets dropped in the game.

Later on, this will occur to the next ten levels, with the waiting being even longer.
In addition, you are required to use coins, that you can earn through IAPs.
On the other side, this game is also full of ads, which seem to appear more often when you are playing.


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