Review of Angry Birds Epic as Arcade Style Game by Rovio Entertainment

Angry Birds Epic from Rovio has brought a new adventure arcade-style gameplay which combines role-playing and turn-based battles together, bundled in a funny birds vs. pigs adventure.

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Similar to the previous series of this game, the birds chase down the piggy team to get back their eggs.
Here, you will be served with the vivid animation and facial expressions of the quirky characters and villains that will tell you the story goes.
In the Piggy Island, you will have to help the birds hunt down the green pigs through various levels.

In each level, you are able to pick and take 3 birds to join the battle team and guide them into one or multiple rounds of attack.
To play with your heroes, you will simply drag a line between your attacker and the target to deliver the different attack power and tap your birds to use supportive abilities on themselves or teammates.

At the beginning of the game, you will start off with only one bird Red then you will have to rescue other birds including Chuck, Matilda, Bomb and beyond and get them to your fighting team.

Each bird here is categorized into a special class
Red is a melee warrior, Matilda as a healer and Chuck as a mage that has the power to deal damage to all enemies.
But the class does not determine the concrete skills of birds.
And the birds’ special abilities will be set and changed by the specific equipment and weapons they wear and wield.

An ordinary magician hat allows the yellow bird to put on a shock shield that inflicts 31 damages on attacking enemies
Meanwhile, the lightning costume can remove useful buffs from enemies and it enables the yellow bird to give its attack turn to a teammate in that it comes to the same with all other birds.

After going through some missions, you will be allowed to unlock and purchase new weapons and gear to increase your birds power.
And, you can also craft handful items with the various materials that you can gather up by winning in a battle.

Also, you can send some ingredients from stones and seashells to shiny sand and seeds into the Forge or Alchemy to be turned into new stuff such as a hawk-eyed pistol for Bomb, a flower bag for Matilda or a cup of banana juice to recover a bird’s health for 75.

For further, you can unlock the variety of costumes, items, weapons and so on for each bird.
Through levels, you will meet a continuously tougher piggy team in a motley group in that the green pigs are as diverse and even more hilariously depicted.
Besides, there are small minions that poke birds with a twig or slap them with a flyswatter and bosses that threaten birds for a couple of turns then unleash a powerful attack to your heroes.

In conclusion, Angry Birds Epic is free to play but you may optionally be prompted to purchase lucky coins, the premium of this game
And, this game is a fun and solid entry to the franchise that is worth to play with.


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