Review of Ambition of the Slimes as An Classic Retro RPG

Ambition of the Slimes is a retro simulation RPG where you will take a role as the slime then you will be assigned to take over enemies and control them.

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You will also have the objective that is to take over an archer with a bow and arrow.
To take over a mage, you have to use magic.
You must also take over a merchant then you can beat your enemies with a bribe.

In this game, you will be served with many types of slime, such teleporting slime, that can raise the abilities of enemies
In the way of beating the enemies, you can take over them with various tactics.

Graphically, this game looks like playing in a classic 8-bit RPG and a trippy retro 3D world.
When rotating the screen and watching pixels shift to maintain perspective, you will see a neat effect, and even the poorly translated dialogue adds an appropriate charm hinted at by the absurd title.

In this game, you will start each match with a party of slimes you have collected.
Those slimes are not great at fighting directly but they are underpowered and outmatched.

Moreover, you can position them next to a stronger human enemy unit such as an archer or a knight
And, the slime can hop in that poor person’s mouth and possess them.

You can also try to go after a unit by possessing it first then attack
Then, you can posses units to shield weaker slimes
On the other side, you have also to learn other factors like elements and height.

Fire units beat grass units
Grass units beat water units

And, and if a slime takes over a unit of the same type they will have a stat bonus.
Also, high ground also offers an attack bonus, that will be important to be aware of on the compact, multi-tiered stages.

You will also see the different slimes with their own special powers such as speed boosts, that is the ability to split into two
A sticky spell will be able to hold a stronger unit in place and guarantee possession.

Every move is important here as there are just so many ways to approach a single encounter, so you will really need to think through each move.

Entirely, Ambition of the Slimes can be categorized as a wacky and wonderful cult classic game.
It comes along with fresh new strategic ideas, and the game’s ambition is as great as its slimes presented in this game.


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