Review of Alphabear A Way to Make Words with Letter Bears

Alphabear by Spry Fox is a game about collecting teddies in various forms
Anyway, this game is wrapped up in a clever word game, which will be the word-game addiction ever.

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In this game, you can keep collecting these fun little bears
This game is not all about to collect and spell but it is a game with a strategy, forethought, and mild panic.

Here, you will see very round taking place on a grid where you will see few letter tiles to get uncovered there.
If you use a letter tile, the ground next to it to get uncovered, it unearths more letter tiles.
So, more letter tiles will come to better words

However, every tile herein will have an expiration date counting down with each move you make.
If you see the countdown to get closer to zero, the unused tiles’ colors will go from green to red. Then, when the final turn ticks away, you will get the expired tile turn to stone and it will not be able to be used any more.

So the main point is to collect teddy bears while you are playing.
You will see that as you clear away tiles, the bears grow.

After the last letter on the grid has been used up, you will get your score calculated then
And, each bear on the board will increase a bonus especially for big bears, which will add big bonuses
In other words, even one stone tile can majorly stunt a bear’s growth, you will get your final score.

As you have made a good progress, you may get rare and legendary bears that will provide the best gameplay perks and point bonuses
Thus, just let them grow for more points, secure more bears, secure more points.

In addition, this game will change its roster of collectable bears every day
For example, if you play on a Sunday, you will not be allowed to use the letters W, O, R, or K. Amazing.
If you like playing puzzle game with word or letter, you have to play it on your device


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