Review of Alpha Raiden by Angry Water Studio

The Raiden game especially for this entry is produced by Angry Water Studio where this game seems to be the one of the more successful scrolling shooting series launched by this developer

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This game comes with the original arcade launched to become one of the most played arcade games in Japan for several years back.
Now, following the original arcade game, you will see some other Raiden games which have been released on a variety of formats, in which they had inserted a gameplay formula to be unique one.

In line with this, the series is Raiden Legacy in that it is a compilation which is brought on iOS device by DotEMU including four classic entries such as the original Raiden, Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2 and Raiden Fighters Jet.
They can be categorized into a classic scrolling shooter experience.

On the other side, this new game, Alpha Raiden is not an official entry of the series but it is only a rather good title, combining the classic Raiden gameplay experience with some interesting features.

In this game, you can pick between two different ships and travel through an endless stage as well as shooting down a variety of enemy ships and the occasional bigger boss ship.

Here, the game itself features both tilt and touch controls, that you can use to steer the ship to the right and left.
By steering the ship, you will slightly alter the scrolling speed, a gameplay feature that opens up some interesting possibilities.

However, this game does not feature a set difficulty level but a dynamic one that changes depending on the player.
By destroying enemy ships, a bar will be filled in the upper part of the screen, in which it makes the difficulty level increase.
Higher difficulty levels will trigger more enemy ships to appear on screen.
Because of this, this special design choice makes Alpha Raiden a good game for those who have never played a scrolling shooting game.
Later on, you will also get an access to plenty of offensive options in the form of a few weapons with different shooting patterns, lasers, powerful missiles and even a devastating bomb that explodes when your ship is shot so that it destroys all enemies showing up on the screen.

Graphically, this game is a rather colorful game, whereby it is coming along with ships, bullets and explosion being quite pleasant to the eyes.
But, the designs are not extremely varied, as the simple graphical style allows the game to run smoothly at all times even when the screen is literally filled with bullets.
Also, this game is built with nice sound in that the game’s soundtrack is pretty nice and it increases the game well enough to enjoy.


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