Review of Alpha Omega Challenges You to Solve Words Puzzle

Borderleap has just launched a soothing word game, named as Alpha Omega where this game is made in free of timers, power-ups, high scores, or anything else to get through.

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On the other words, this game is a new crossword-style game where only first and last letters will guide you to unscramble each puzzle that is full of clues to discover.
Once you can solve the puzzle’s overall, clue will start to reveal by themselves

And, you will also get some hint packages in the app as in-app purchases, in that with the hint, you can work your way through more challenging levels

Here, every level will provide you a series of words that are jumbled up.
Your main goal is to figure out what the word is meant to be
To get this, you must move corresponding tiles in order to discover what the word really means.

When doing so, you can only move tiles once, in that it can turn trickier than they seem.
You will know the clues as each level has a theme, as well as the fact that some letters are placed permanently, providing you some insight.

In this game, you will be given 10 hints for free, in that you have to use them wisely.
Anyway, playing this game will be like spending your day tackling the crossword puzzle in the paper.

In related to the control options, they are simple enough with taps dictating everything, although there is one mild issue with zooming.
At this point, you can only zoom out to get a better perspective on things
But, you must also zoom back in to do anything.

If you are trying to solve some of the longer words in the game, this can be more of an irritant than you would like.

In addition, playing this game will still be a relaxed and challenging word game, that will get yuor attention to figure out what the next words mean.


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