Review of Alchemy Dungeons as Roguelike RPG

Alchemic Dungeons form Rogue Ninja can be categorized into a roguelike rpg game that comes along with crafting systems where you will be able to make some items from materials and to conquer dungeons with the flexible items

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In this game, you can freely select one of three heroes, then go on your way to multi-level dungeon where you try to kill monsters and generally survive in each stage.

You will not find any mysterious gear or chug unlabeled potions.
But, you will have to find stuff that will still be very important
And, you can focus on basic items that can be combined and crafted into something better ones.

In this retro pixel art game, you can do pretty much everything where you can combine items with something else

Later on, you are setting monsters on fire with each sword strike and gaining health back in combat then, in which it is a kind of a great addition to the roguelike formula.

However, in the menus, navigation is a little awkward when going from a general list to the crafting and enchanting sections
Sometimes, you will not be able to use multiple consumables at the same time

When going for eating, it usually involves opening the menu to select a food item, eating it, then opening the menu again to eat another food item, and so on.
Anyway, beyond that small issue, this game is still worth to play on your phone


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