Review of Agent, Run! as Auto Runner Game

Agent, Run! is a new comer in ios in which this game is categorized into an auto-runner game along with a more entertaining experience than the usual methods.

agent run basic tutorial ios android

All you will do in this game is to swipe the screen to help your character move from side to side, then swipe and tap in order to clear obstacles along the way.

At the beginning of the game, you get the first area as the main concepts where you will be introduced with enemy agents chasing you at all times so you can only make so many mistakes before it is game over.
Along the path, you will be assigned to collect some coins through the lands, often through crates suspended in mid air.
Once collecting these coins, you can use them to buy a speed boost or extra life, or you can purchase permanent upgrades after a session.

Sometimes, you will come across dogs that will slow you down in which you have to swipe at a bone to cast it to them and keep them occupied.
Beside it, bettering rams and mines will get in the way, but they are easily beaten with a well-timed swipe as well.

Furthermore, once unlocking new areas and abilities, you will be able to use a rope to swing across pits, fend off lasers, create stairways, and you can also even use jetpacks and bazookas to help you run along the game.

Anyway, you will taste the first level freely, but you have to pay $1.99 to unlock the next levels.
Later on, you will go through the various missions that can be completed for extra coins.
Doing all of these tend to correlate to things like running a certain distance or surviving a set number of dog attacks, so they need to be completed as well.
In conclusion, this running game is pretty fun to play with regular runners.


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