Review of Age of Defenders As RTS and Tower Defense Game

Cuketa has launched Age of Defenders Multiplayer Tower Defense and Offense post apocalyptic RTS HD taht you can play mainly on ios devices

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As stated by the title, this game can be said as a tower defense game with real-time multiplayer
All you will do in this game is to protect your base, build an army and challenge your friends and other players in multiplayer mode

Age of Defenders tells story through cutscenes and snippets of dialogue
The dialogue does provide convenient context for the tutorial.
This game is split into two distinct forms of strategy gaming with a defensive side of things and an offensive one.

Along the game, all you will do is to place towers and turrets to ward off enemies which will come from multiple different spawn points.

In the beginning of the game, you will be given with a mission to protect a convoy
When doing so, you will also be able to build places to mine for more resources.

Later on, you must also defend your base while sending out units to attack your enemy’s base at the same time

Anyway, this game delivers fresh content where this is further reinforced by regular upgrades being unlocked to strengthen your side.

On the other side, when playing this game, you will sometimes watch that aforementioned convoy moving slowly through the area

This circumstance can get a little dull for the well-organized and impatient players.
Beyond that, Age of Defenders can be included in a very well made strategy game on mobile.
Also, it features the multiplayer support that will help you during the game


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