Review of Adventures of Poco Eco Lost Sounds

Possible Games has presented Adventures of Poco Eco where you will select quick adventures to go rush through all levels, or you can take your time and explore a world of sound and design.

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Here, you will simply help Poco Eco, the curious explorer in completing his mission.
On the other words, your main goal here is to help Poco and his tribe find their lost sound taht yuo can do by solving the mini puzzles and completing all twelve 3D animated levels.

The environment has been built with around a mixture of electronic music and design.
Anyway, this game is designed by visual artists with years of experience in 3D, street art, fashion, typography and of course mobile game concept.

Along the game, you will guide curious explorer, Poco Eco, you wander your way around some delightfully designed levels by tapping on where you want him to go next.

The core of this game is to progress to the next section, whereby you will merely move a platform to form a path.
During your exploration, you will also be accompanied with a small red spirit that guides your way, showing where you need to go to next area.

Because of relating with music, this game offers great sounds, with a soundtrack that is contextual as well as attractive.
Sometimes, you will simply tap on a bass to get the music to interact with the scenery.

In addition, playing this game will give yo a pleasure as you simply wander from area to area.
Early on, you will see most of what it is to offer in terms of challenge in this game.


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