Review of Adventures of Pip as A Retro Platformer Game

Adventures of Pip is developed by Tic Toc Games that offers a retro-inspired platformer game with a bit of different systems than the other games in similar

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In this game, you will guide a simple pixel living in a 32-bit kingdom, when suddenly an evil queen comes along and she does a little princess-napping.

Along the game, all you will do is simply to do some actions such as running, jumping, and attacking enemies in each stage
In the mean time, you will also be given with a special ability that will allow you to evolve from that single red pixel into an 8-bit character, then a 16-bit one.

Anyway, as being a lowly pixel, a blocky 8-bit dude, you will be slow and you may not be able to attack enemy well since your only attack is a weak little punch

But, you can still fit into small areas, while jumping extra high off of bouncy mushrooms, then floating to the ground

When you change to 16-bit dude, you will have a powerful sword that you can use to move heavy blocks
Still, you cannot wall-jump or bounce on mushrooms.

Meanwhile, the pixels that you will collect in the story represent wealth
Then, you will see more pixels character has the higher their class.
Early on the game, you will see your character moving in a modest little square with no definition
And, you will see the King, Queen, and Princess sit comfortably at the top with 32 glorious bits.

You will also see the other villagers can be any class along the pixel spectrum.
The Princess has the ability to change resolutions
And, the Evil Queen DeRezzia kidnaps her and harnesses that will power to strip the good King and Queen of their royal status by turning them into lowly single pixels.

On the other side, if you are playing this game on an iPhone, the buttons are incredibly tiny on it, in which it will make it tricky to tap the ability buttons accurately.

And, the on-screen controls are fixed in place so you cannot shift them around to your style or change their sizes.
Anyway, it is just a smudge on a game which is pretty outstanding in just about every single other area.
However, this game actually has a surprisingly clever and engaging narrative.

Graphically, the art is made in fantastic with its own unique style
Besides, the character animations are incredibly fluid and they seem to give the movement a really good feel to experience.

Although, the game has the iffy controls, there are enough checkpoints in each stage to save your progress automatically
So, if you like playing retro pixel game, you may try this one on your phone


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