Review of Adventure Age by Everplay

Adventure Age from Everplay can be said as a free-to-play puzzle game with role-playing mechanics where you will fight battles to earn experience, gain loot, recruit party members, earn items, and more.

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Due to all of these extra systems, the core puzzle gameplay will be a lot more interesting and compelling to play.

At the initial step, you will be allowed to create an adventurer and set on a quest to build the strongest army in the world.
Then, you are able to choose the character’s appearance and customize your character based on your attack type and alignment.
Anyway, when doing this, you will learn about these things in due time, but it will be a little frustrating to discover that you could have had a more useful character ability after you have already invested a meaningful amount of time into it.

Later on, you will be brought to battle against AI opponents in quests or random events
And, you can test your party strength against other players online in multiplayer mode and enlist your squad in the Arena for Player Vs Player combat to battle the teams of other players and prove yourself as the solely winner.
After going through each battle, you have the potential to earn gear for your character, or other items such as new party members or materials that you can use to craft.
For further, you will do some activities such as collecting, fusing, and leveling-up party members that can be anything from goats to goblins to giant hedgehogs.
Each of these creatures comes along with their own special abilities and stats, so you have to train them to be more powerful one.

All you will have to do in this game is to lead your squad and outfit them with new armor, weapons, and items so that they can fight better for your victory

To get an ally, you should team up with friends and take on the hordes of enemies in newly daily quests and test your skills for bosses in this game
If you can beat the bosses, you will be able to earn gems that you can use to purchase Exclusive Chests and to unlock ultra powerful units

Graphically, this game comes with a nice pixel art style that animates nicely and helps make the world feel alive.
In line with the battle system, this game has some depth beyond simply matching large numbers of blocks.
Once playing this game for few chapters, the difficulty increases, and you have to select which enemies to attack, as well as paying attention to the timing attacks during in the battlefield
Also, you will have to pick different actions for each party member based on their individual strengths and weaknesses that it becomes increasingly more important.

On the other side, when playing for a moment, it is sometimes pretty unstable.
Sometimes, it is getting disconnected from the servers, which can interrupt or erase progress even when not playing the relatively dull multiplayer mode consisting of players watching each other’s parties auto-attack one another.
And, you will often find the menus occasionally cause the game to crash.

In addition, its current state of this game is way to unstable to recommend.
It will better to wait new updates to have nice experience to play it.


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