Review of Adaline as A Pizza Messenger in the Wood

Adaline — An adventure of stealth, skill and cats game is all about stealth and cats, where you will see cats jump on top of you in the middle of the night and get from Point A to Point B without becoming a wolf-snack.

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Adaline here is a kind of a political science major, where she opens up a pizza delivery service and she will go to work in the middle of the woods.

The story goes when she gets a call for a pie to be delivered to someone in the wood
Seemingly, the caller is a wolf who is interested in snacking on a human, not a pizza.
At this point, you must dealt with those wolves with a mix of stealth, skill, tactical farting and good old physical violence against them.
So, it is the time to guide her to escape the wolves and their cohorts across 40 levels.

When guiding her across the game’s levels, you must keep out of the wolves’ line of sight while she performs her actions around scrub, rocks, and animals that will sell her out to the wolves for a slice of pizza.
Sometimes, you will have to guide her to pull levers to lower gates in order to reach each level’s exit.

During in your action, you will be helped with an orange tabby, a black cat that can dart across the field and pull levers
Also, you will be accompanied by a ninja cat that can kick the wolves’ teeth in.

You will only use one cat at a time, so getting through a level will assign you to collect the cats in the right order as your help

Graphically, this game is made with nice graphics and awesome concept.
You will see that the graphics and characters are made in adorable
On the other side, the game’s fun factor is based on two things, the controls, and the inability to pin down the wolves’ line of sight.

However, you will often feel that Adaline’s on-screen controls are slippery, which makes it far too easy to get caught up on a bush or a rock during a crucial moment.

Sometimes, you may get frustrated as there is no indication of when or where a wolf’s line of sight ends.
You will often get shocked when a wolf suddenly charges you.
You can try to get away, but if you cannot solve this, the level starts over again.
Getting this will be frustrating especially if you carefully pick your way to the exit, only to get caught on a tree at the last possible second.

Entirely, playing Adaline is fun and performing some actions will challenge you to get the levels accomplished in the right way


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