Review of Abzorb as A Smart Tilt Game

Abzorb from Gerald Kelley can be said as a tilt game telling about consuming orbs that you can do by getting as close as you can to those orbs without touching the screen of your phone.

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Here, you will merely tilt your mobile device, while gathering up blue orbs as fast as you can while evading the time-stealing reds.
Along the game, you will have to master 65 challenging levels and unlock new color schemes with the stars you get along the way.

You will do it by tilting your device instead of using on-screen controls.
Here, you will have to last as long as possible without touching bad dots.

Meanwhile, you must also absorb the good dots floating around the screen, then after clearing all of them you can move on to the next level.

Every level will act as a sort of puzzle with very specific challenges.
In line with this, you will get some levels with barriers that only certain types of dots can pass through
And, you may find dots that only move when you tilt while you are confined to a small area.

Anyway, this game is unique and clever and interesting to play on the go
You still cannot change the tilt sensitivity, but you will have the new controls to touch the screen like a top-down shooter.

During the game, you will get good dots in blue and bad dots in orange, and you will get to absorb the good ones and avoid the bad ones.

To do this, your ship has a ring around it where you must touch the blue dots with.
At that time, you must try to get as close as you can to them to suck their energy out and shrink them down instead

And, if you do not absorb all the blue from the screen fast enough you will have to start the level again.

On the other side, if you get too close to an orange dot and absorb its energy, the timer will count down even faster.

This game was made with tilt-based controls, single-screen environments, and arrow-and-dot based characters

Plus, it has come along with a surprising number of clever new mechanics which will arouse your attention to keep playing this game

Extremely, this game has decent graphics to play with along the day
With clever new mechanics, this game is worth to play that will invite your curiosity to go as long as you can


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