Review of A Numbers Game Challenges You to Make High Points

Rustle Works has launched a new puzzle game, A Numbers Game for mobile platforms ios and android soon
In this game, you will simply tap on numbered tokens to send them on to the board from any direction

a numbers game walkthrough ios android

In the mean time, you should watch out for the four center squares where pieces stick
Your main goal here is to slide tiles into each other to make rows and columns of four matching numbers and tap them away for points.
Here, you will see the messy randomness that will get you to deal with unexpected tough decisions.
You can also undo moves and easier difficulties offer power-ups like tile-removing scissors, that will help you control space.

Later on, you will have to manage multiple number strings at once while hoping for the right tile to appear at the right time to complete the combo.

To play this game, you will have to build horizontal and vertical rows of tokens with the same value.
And, when you have four in a row, they will disappear that will make you score points.

On the other side, if you want to risk building a longer chain, or two chains that intersect, you can try to multiply the point value
But, try not to let the board fill up

During the game play, you will also see the interactive musical score changing as you play, in which it is to react to your moves in the game, so that you can create a unique musical performance every time.

In each round, some number tiles will surround the board and you have to slide one onto the field.
It will keep traveling until it hits a wall, another number, or the cross in the center then you will see set of tiles appears and the process repeats afterward.

Meanwhile, visuals are flat and plain, colors are drab, and it is apparently dynamic music that make an impression.

In addition, as you can see that there are so many puzzle games on the App Store but it may be a good reference to test your brain to solve the puzzle.


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