Review of A Few Days Left as An Action Shooting Game

Feeden Games has one typical action hero super soldier clone that can stop an army of mutants in which you can see such hero only in A Few Days Left game.

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In related to the control options, this game comes with a twin-stick design, and the left stick for navigation and the right stick to aiming, in which firing will be automatic in range.

Also, the various gadgets here are satisfying and effective.
You will see some advanced gadgets like a personal bodyguard in the form of a gun-toting drone, to a pinpoint missile strike, to a stasis-inducing mist that slows enemies to a manageable crawl.

Those kind of gadgets will really be useful when you are backed into a corner, which is a regular occurrence in a game that likes to pile on the pressure in the blink of an eye.

You can select your equipment from the selection menu without opening a separate screen
This feature gives you a nice touch, ensuring that the action never lets up and making organization a priority during moments of rest.

Except excellent control options, you will also see nice lighting effects and ominous soundtrack being especially crucial to the constant sense of danger.

On the other side, puzzles and environmental obstructions break up the shooting sections, but they feel like a chore rather than a challenge.
Anyway, a large portion of the action segments sometimes become an overly-familiar, repetitive, run-and-gun affair, even if the gadgets do offer something unique tools.

Though you will find interesting story cutscenes, the action in this game will not match up to the high standard it sets for itself.

In addition, as an action shooting game, this game is still worth to try whereby it contains some interesting story and game play action


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