Review of A Day in the Woods As A Simple Puzzle Game

RetroEpic Software has presented a very pretty-looking puzzler where you take a role as Little Red Riding Hood to go through adventures in the forest.

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On the other words, the story goes to Little Red Riding Hood being in the attempt to go to grandma`s house
In line with this, you will be brought to Red’s actual trip in that fateful cottage, through those fateful woods, with all those fateful trees, a fateful basket of fateful sundries in tow.

Here, your main objective is to help Little Miss Red avoid scary woodland creatures while gathering flowers and berries along the way.

During in your journey, you will also be accompanied with some friends, such as bunny rabbits, beehives and the local woodcutter.

All you will do in this game is merely to guide Red by swapping adjacent hexagonal tiles until she ends up at the door of that level’s cottage.

On the other side, this game is very much a tile-swapping game with rules that get a little more fleshed-out as you progress.

Early on this game, you simply move her to the front door.
And, you need to detour and collect all the flowers on your way.
In the mean time, you will also be served with berries, then you will have to get three stars whereby you will also need to finish at or beneath the maximum turn limit.

The journey will be thrilling when bear or wolf show up to further complicate things, then fire gets thrown into the mix to mess with you even more because bears are afraid of fire and will not be able to get closer to it.

Anyway, this all creates a board that can be full of obstacles to avoid or shift around.
For further, you will see some levels which might take a few tries to complete, that will guide you to collect three stars.

By the way, this game looks so pretty, and it can be incredibly difficult to distinguish a rock and a bear on the iPhone’s smaller screen
However, it sometimes has an issue when you suddenly cannot move Red next to that rock as it is actually a carnivorous forest creature.

In addition, this game is quite good to play as the puzzle based on the tiles
Thus, for those who like swapping tiles game, this game may be the best reference to play on their phone


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