Review Heroes of Might and Magic III HD Edition

Ubisoft has recently launched Heroes of Might and Magic III HD Edition on ios and android soon
This game tells a story of Queen Catherine Ironfist, as she has her journey on her critically acclaimed quest to unite her ravaged homeland and re-conquer the kingdom of Erathia.

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The developer has done a good job to bring this game on mobile platforms
Everything from the opening cinematic to the menus sparkles will be included inside

In line with this, this game features a mix of world exploration, resource management and tactical, turn-based combat.
Here, you will take a role as one or more heroes who essentially serve as commanders for the rest of your forces.
Then, you will move them around the map, which has both above ground and underworld sections, flagging mines and other resource-producing nodes.
Also, you will find schools of magic, treasure, shrines, NPCs and all manner of other fun stuff.

In your base, you can use the resources to build numerous structures in the towns under your control.
Later on, you will have to discover a number of different troop types to hire and creatures to enlist, siege weapons to construct, etc.
You can also hire more heroes in the Tavern, and you can assign troops once you stop back in town.

When exploring each area in the maps, all you will have to do is pretty simple as you will merely tap once to set your path then tap a second time to confirm
Or, you can do it by simply choosing somewhere to go and holding down on that spot.
Basically, the second option id the best choice as the game simply does not seem to have the necessary sensitivity to recognize that you have tapped in the same spot.

On the other side, the control gestures do not seem to work reliably for either melee or ranged attacks
And, this game also calls out for online multiplayer of some sort, but you will only find a hotseat mode on a single device.

Sometimes, you will also encounter bug that come to crash right after you launch it or at other inconvenient times.

Meanwhile, you will see a bunch of different scenarios and several different campaigns, then you can really go to town on all the different options with different skills and spells for your heroes.

Extremely, this newest game from Ubisoft, Heroes of Might and Magic III will deliver a nice performance played on the PC
But, it feels destined to conjure up thoughts of what could have been as you will play it on mobile.


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