Review ANNO Build An Empire Lets You Grow Business for Rubies

Ubisoft has launched ANNO Build An Empire which is the one of the world’s most successful city-builder strategy games that is made for iPad, iPhone and Android soon

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Early on this game, you will have to discover uninhabited islands in that each island in the game is unique, and provides specific resources which you can plant and harvest
In this island, you will have to construct one building to another to attract new comers so that they will colonize your buildings

You will start off with just a few peasants on your island in which you must prove yourself to be a smart city-planner to get those peasants to reach the social ladder up to noblemen
In line with this, you will have to gain more power to grow empire by building a big fleet, discovering new islands to expand your business of property.

To run your colony, you will have to manage your buildings, resources and your islanders’ various needs.
Here, these activities will rely on your skillful trading, smart diplomacy and insightful city planning that will get your building into flourish and prosper.

In this game you will have to construct a wide range of buildings like entertainment, education or religion to meet each one of your residents.
You can then manage more than 60 resources and 150 different buildings, each with their own special traits.

Later on, you will develop a city piece by piece, where the initial missions will guide you through the basics of what needs to be completed successfully.
As an illustration, you have to build a road that involves dragging flags around to highlight the beginning and the end
But, it is sometimes awkward and you do not always end up creating the path where you want it to go.

On the other side, this game seems to be very well designed for the iPhone 5 either, with the screen feeling unusually small in which you will feel it when you are trying to move things around.
Then, you will see that a chat screen takes up far too much space, with other icons infringing upon your view as well.

Except all of this, there is also the issue this game lulls you into a false sense of security.
Here, this starts out seemingly quite open-ended and devoid of too many freemium elements
But, you will see that premium currencies will start to pop up in soon enough timers.
Moreover, this game is slow to load, which is frustrating when you want to accomplish something as soon as possible.

In addition, because of this premium elements, ANNO: Build an Empire will come to be a disappointment for fans of the franchise as well as disappointing for any player who enjoys free-to-play city building sims.


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