Review Age of Empires Castle Siege as RTS with Management System

Age of Empires Castle Siege from Microsoft Corporation is a kind of real time strategy game with tower defense mechanic which you can play both on ios and android devices

age of empires castle siege walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be brought to build up your empire through the Medieval Era
To build up your city, you can select from one of several civilizations, such as the Britons, Teutons, and Kievan Rus.

Later on, you will have to upgrade your resources, fortify your walls, and garrison defensive troops to protect yourself from marauders.

To defend your empires, you must get your army trained well that will be useful to raid other cities, and command them in battle to go through your opponents’ defenses and collect their resources.

Later on, you will make a research technology, and recruit new units consisting of various heroes such Saladin, Richard the Lionheart, and Joan of Arc.

Here, establishing a base will get you to pick an empire and run with it.
Meanwhile, you have to maintain farms and lumberyards to ensure that you have a steady supply of resources at all times.

Afterward, you will have to upgrade anything especially for buildings and your troops that you can do it fast with gold collected from the game

Graphically, this game is made with cartoon style graphics in which you can see your base looking quite impressive.

You will see the battle which is reasonably fun, with a mixture of real players and historical one-off missions
However, you will always stay alert of your troops, since you still suffer from losing all your troops and being back at the start for the next mission.

In addition, though this game can be said as RTS game, you will be tasked to manage your resources to power up your empires and your troops as well
Anyway, for those who love playing rts game or any game in similar, you will have to play Age of Empires Castle Siege on your phone


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