Review of Sneaky Sneaky by Naiad Entertainment

Sneaky Sneaky made by Naiad Entertainment is a kind of a stealth action game in which it also includes element of real-time strategy.

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In this game, you will take a control of a rogue or thief with a mask who always explores areas to steal all of the rubies throughout the kingdom.
This game has come along with some clever design, unique environments, and also offers a good sense of challenge, which is also a fun to experience of stealth game.

In each level, you will control the thief as the protagonist that you can do by tapping on the overhead grid-like environment that causes the character to move to that section of the map.
However, some levels in this game will not be as simple as charging past guards and grabbing rubies.
To steal those rubies, you will have to hide in tall grass, use distractions, and stealthily slay foes with your arrow to earn a good level ranking.
Every time, you knock out villain with your arrow, you will earn gold coins

As you can see in the gameplay, this game is all well and good with a turn-based game.
Because of this system, you will have some time to think of a cunning way to escape from the sight of the guard rather than running away in a random panic or simply restarting the entire level.
Anyway, you still are vulnerable in this mode, which keeps you focused on escaping on your stealth.

Throughout the game, you will go through thick forests, desert caves, and medieval towns, and deal with new enemy types and environmental features.
Later on this game, you can spend skill points that you have collected between levels to power up your abilities.

On the other side, you can tap distances far away on the screen to move to them
Here, the main character sometimes does not make the best decisions on how to get there.
This circumstance will be a bit frustrating at times, especially when you select a longer route that you clearly do not know.

Entirely, Sneaky Sneaky as the new stealth game on iOS is a really smart way, in that it will be worth to play in this winter holiday.


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