Coins Cheats in Mini Racing Adventures iPhone

Mini Racing Adventures from Diory Cergy is new 3D endless side scrolling physics based racing adventure game featuring ramps, tires, and other obstacles that will get you to navigate by manipulating your car`s throttle and tilt.

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In this game, you will meet Martin Nitro Minimo, or MnM and you will guide Martin to race in his quest to be top 1 racer in this game.

Along the game, you will be challenged to unlock unique vehicles each with their own feel, where you can use them to travel across the farthest reaches of 5 adventurous stages.

You can then race into action where you can choose your favorite Buggy cars, ATV, Trial Bike, and even Trucks to race in the highest hills, dirt tracks, snowy mountains, and other beautifully designed stages.
To get the most powerful cars, you must maximize them by unlocking 5 different upgrades.

In order to play this game, you will merely tap on virtual gas and brake pedals on either side of the screen to control both their speed and trajectory.
The cars cannot accelerate or decelerate while airborne, so the pedals will act to tilt them forward and backward so that you can adjust your landing in one piece.

Here, the landing the right way will be the important to do than going fast in the track
If you cannot land better, your car will be resulted in significantly slowing down your car or even ending the run entirely.

During the game play, landing correctly will allow you to conserve fuel
This thing is really important for making it between the checkpoints that are present in all of the modes from multiplayer races to a solo exploratory mode.

On the other side, you will be asked to earn more coins, the premium currency of this game
In order to get them, you can collect in game modes either solo or multiplayer mode

If you want to go more coins, you can take part in multiplayer mode and be sure you have to land your car correctly and win the race for more rewards
With all your coins you have collected through the stages, you can get some power ups that will power up your car to the most powerful one

In addition, by getting your victory in multiplayer mode, you will also be granted with trophy as your collection
The main key is to land in one piece rather than driving fast in this game


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