Review of Kindo A Medieval Board Game

Kindo formerly Kingdoms is a kind of a super simple board game where you will simply lay down tiles on a 5×5 board with the singular objective of placing a tile on the enemy’s king tile, located in the opposite corner of your own.

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You main goal here is to beat your opponent’s kingdom by capturing his territory and ultimately his king.

Every player will be given with two moves per turn and you can use each move to place a new tile or fortify an existing tile.

If you can disconnect your opponent’s tiles from their king, you can capture them and give you bonus moves, in which you can also get massive turnarounds.

Along the game, you will be able to fortify one side only and cannot change the side of the fortification afterwards.
A fortification will remain to stay until the tile changes side after being captured.
Here, you are able to play on every tile but the three different darker or lighter at the center and the outer tiles cannot be fortified.

On the other side, you can also play it locally with a friend, played turn-by-turn so you can have a handful of multiplayer games going at once or you can play against an AI that will last around 30 seconds.

To make it clear, you will be allowed to place two tiles per turn.
As each turn plays out, the board will fill up fast and a confrontation will happen.
Then, if an opponent’s tile is next to a friendly tile, you can simply tap that tile and make it your own, in which it will overrun the enemy’s territory.

In order not to be overrun, you are allowed to spend one of your placement moves by fortifying one of their tiles.

Then, if you can completely cut off a chunk of your opponents tiles from your king, those tiles are captured and converted into friendly tiles.
For every branch which you cut off from your opponent, you will get that many more tile placements in the next turn.
In a simple words, if you can take over a tile that your opponent has placed in their previous turn, you will give them an extra tile placement on their next turn.

In addition, playing this game will sometimes be hard at first but you will get your fun by playing few rounds especially for online multiplayer


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