Gnomium Pocket Edition Goes to iOS Later

Gnomium: Pocket Edition as a fast paced action word puzzler game will soon come to the apple store
It can be said that this game`s core mechanic relies on re-arranging words rather than finding them.

gnomium pocket edition walkthrough ios android

This game introduces the gnome and his flying mine cart, where you will have to mine and collect ore, coins and precious jewels from a magical letter grid in the sky.

To play it, you will be able to use various grid manipulation skills, where you will carefully amass your fortunes through sequences of orderly actions.

In fact, the most efficient way to play is by not thinking of words at all, but rather the filling in of empty spaces to create larger word combinations.

Along the game, you will have to create and destroy valuable word groups to get ore and produce copper, silver and gold coins.

Here, you can combine coins to get higher level coins and gems.
Again, as being a fast-paced action puzzler, every decision will affect the level of difficulty.

You will also have to open the diamond treasure chest with pickaxes, chisels, exploding buckets and magical popping mushrooms.

On the other side, you will also get special boosts when certain gems are in the grid.
Thus, get yourself ready to download and install this game once it is available on the apple store


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