Collect Purple Crystal to Get Best Score in ZigZag iPhone

Ketchapp has just published ZigZag into ios and android soon in that this game seems to be popupar as it has a lot of downloads since it has hit to apple platform on February 4 of this year

zigzag walkthrough ios android

This game can be said as strategy game, where you will have to stay on the wall while performing as many zigzags as you can and collecting some crystals along the way for gaining best score

Later on, all you will do here is to simply tap the screen to change the direction of the ball as well as trying not to fall off the edges

On the other words, your main goal is merely to go up an isometric-style stage that you can do by tapping to change the direction of the little rolling marble.

Along the game, you will go up narrow pathways, gather up crystals on the way, and try to avoid falling off the side while dealing with speed that gradually increases overtime you pass each stage.

In line with this, within every fifty points or so, the color of the stage will change.
Moreover, the speed will also increase at this point
For such reasons, just watch out for the speed changes.
To deal with this, you must change the pace of your tapping whenever you go through it.
In the mean time, be sure to pay attention to the points at which the speed increases.

In order to change directions in a fast time, you have to tap with alternating thumbs
When applying this trick, make sure that one of your thumbs is off the screen when you hit the screen with the other thumb
Thus, you will not end up having a bad tap, as the screen can only register one tap at a time.
Furthermore, doing so will also help you get a better score at the game.

On the other side, when playing this game, it will highly be recommended that you should check some apps in the background as they will more likely end up slowing down the game, which can give you more time to react and make the speed ups to accomplish each stage.

In addition, this game will always show you advertisements while you are playing in each level
By the way, if you do not want to get the ads appeared on the screen when playing this game, you can merely set your phone into airplane mode or turn off the data and the wifi, so that the ads will stop showing up automatically.

However, if you think like the developer, putting this ad on the game will generate money income for them
For such reasons, if you want to give your appreciation on this game you can just let the ad appear on the screen during the game play.


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