Zynga Adds New Features in Words on Tour

After Zynga has come to ios with Words With Friends, now this developer has come along with Words On Tour to continue its predecessor success.

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As a popular game developer, Zynga has number of players worldwide in which all its games has been falling steadily over the last couple of years.

In this newest game, words on tour, it will get you to explore any exciting destinations around the globe whereby you will have to solve hundreds of challenging word puzzles.
Here, you will be able to travel at your own pace or with friends where you should discover the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Big Ben in London.

On the other side, one of the best new features in New Words With Friends was the addition of a single player component.
But this game takes that notion further, offering up a fully single-player experience.

For further, this game also comes with a lot features as in the following lines
You have to solve a variety of puzzles by making words to collect tiles, as well as finding the phrase, gathering up stamps and much more
On the other side, you can also travel to exciting destinations including Paris, London and Tokyo as well as unlocking levels and new word challenges
Here, this game will test your knowledge to master hundreds of fun and addictive levels
So just play at your own pace and make bonus tiles along with power ups for an explosive effect to clear additional letters showing on board

In addition, this game offers you some definite similarities, and it sets itself apart by removing letter tiles once used like SpellTower
Moreover, it also offers up a ‘complete the phrase’ objective in some stages like Wheel of Fortune.

Thus, what are you waiting for, just grab Words on Tour from the App Store and Google Play then start playing.


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