Zenonia S Rifts in Time Online Goes to iOS

Zenonia as an action-RPG series developed by Gamevil has a new series that is Zenonia S Rifts in Time that has been launched on android platforms and ios soon

zenonia s rifts in time walkthrough ios android

Anyway, this game is a staple of mobile gaming that introduced the series’ squat characters, cute monsters, and nonstop action.

Seemingly, this game Zenonia series have successfully followed a comfortable formula over the years
And, in this Zenonia S: Rifts in Time, you will play online withe the other players worldwide

This game is made as an online adventure with quests, tasks, loot, and a central hub that has you rubbing shoulders with other players.

In line with this, Zenonia S plays almost identically to its offline counterparts where you will merely pick a starring character from a string of classes with a long or short distance attacks capability.

Along the game, you will go up against a bunch of cute enemies, while collecting the stuff they drop, which you can use to make yourself stronger to take on harder quests.

Moreover, in Zenonia S series, you have the option of bringing friends onto the battlefield to help you defeat all incoming enemies in each stage.

In addition, this game Zenonia S: Rifts in Time is currently in the progress to be launched on the apple store next month
But, you can still play this game on android as it has been soft-launch in select regions on Google Play So, for the android users, you can taste this game for the first time.


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