Zenonia S Beta Has Come to Android and iOS Soon

Recently, the genre of rpg, Zenonia series has the next episode that is called as Zenonia S, the series sixth entry

zenonia s walkthrough ios android

If you like RPG games mostly, you will know in turn-based tactics for some real-time sword swipes, that you will find when playing a few Zenonia games.

In line with this, Gamevil has an announcement of the series sixth entry, Zenonia S which is discussed under the working title Zenonia Online

And, in this game, Zenonia S, it will feature some proper multiplayer options like a campaign mode PvP arenas and real-time boss raids, where you can take part in with your friends online.

In terms of setting, the release goes on to say that Zenonia S “takes place in a parallel world in which the game’s classic heroes have been summoned to save the human race.”

Anyway, this Zenonia series was formerly known as Zenonia Online, and will still be an online game, officially taking place in a parallel universe for the series where a number of heroes from the first 5 games will be part of the game to rescue the human race.

Seemingly, this game game is expected to release worldwide in June
But, if you want to play the game early, Gamevil is running a closed beta test on Android starting this week.
So, just join in the fun by visiting the beta’s official Google Groups page.


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