Zenith as Adventure Game Will Come to iPhone

Recently, a new interesting adventure game which is created by a group of university students has been announced for iOS platform in this spring

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This game is called Zenith, a game which will combine a unique presentation with some unusual gameplay features in that it is also a kind of an interesting-looking atmospheric puzzle game.

Seemingly, this game will be a point-and-click adventure adapted from a lot of different sources.
In line with this, the team working on this game has revealed that the puzzle game Monument Valley has been among one of the main influences with its unique presentation and atmosphere.

Here, the story goes to the main character that walks stiffly against an azure sky, punctuated by a large yellow sun disc, across a gloomier snow scene and its crooked tree.

On the other words, you will be tasked to take a control of your characters in a side-scrolling adventure to explore some beautiful locations
In similar, you will be controlling the protagonist throughout a side-scrolling world, moving blocks and even swinging from ceilings to explore the world.

In the mean time, you will also have to solve a variety of puzzle by using several different tools like a grappling hook and more.

This game seems to be a rather promising game featuring a unique presentation and gameplay features, such as more grappling hooks or grappling-hook-like objects.
Anyway, this game also lacks a solid release date for now
And, it should be released before the end of Spring.
So stay tune on this site to get the newest updates concerning with review or walkthrough of Zenith game


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