WWE Immortals Will Come to iOS Android

NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros are working together to create combat game, WWE Immortals that will allow you to take control of your favorite WWE superstars on mobile.

wwe immortals basic walkthrough ios android

Anyway, some questions related to this game arise whether this game is addressed to kids or teens only
Recently, the mobile market is a goldmine for game developers for launching a game with the in-app purchases and some of the kids have to shop for the currency related to the game

On the other side, this game, WWE Immortals has just been confirmed to be released on January 15th as a free to play game.
Also, the developers have described this game as a free-to-play mobile game which will feature epic Superstar battles in a fantastically re-imagined WWE world.

In this game, you will see Seamus as a Celtic Warrior, John Cena as a superhero, and you will also the other wwe super stars such as Triple H or Roman Reigns taking a role as specific heroes.
And, it seems that the developer takes some Mortal Kombat concept art and painted their heads on at the last minute in this game.
In a glance, the game will be limited to swipe controls in an almost quick-time-esque environment.

In related to this game`s first launch, there will be about a week left for you to actually see how the game will play out.
And, WWE Immortals will be made in a free to play game, so make sure you are the first one to try out this game.


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