WWE Champions Will Go to iOS Soon

As you may have known that, Scopely has a good portfolio of mobile games ever launched on the ios and android markets.

wwe champions walkthrough ios android

And, recently the developer has announced to launch their next newest game called WWE Champions on mobile markets.

In line with this project, Scopely has launched WWE Champions in soft launch on some markets
And, this game will go to a global launching on this year.

Anyway, pro wrestling is now strangely versatile, as it can be turned into card games
In accordance with this, this game will be something different.

On the other side, Scopely itself is now powering the next generation of interactive entertainment through our robust publishing infrastructure and product expertise

Along with this game, the developer will create and evolve the mobile WWE experience with daily gameplay events which will continue to bring WWE‘s brand, talent, and legendary moments to life.
It will bring intense 3D action powered by fast and engaging puzzle play.

Moreover, this game will be made in the graphics which really do look legit
Thus, you will see that there will be a lot more going on visually than in your typical match-3 game.

And, if you are a fan of WWE franchises, you may have to wait for the game to arrive on iOS and Android markets soon.


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