Wrassling will Come to iOS

If you like watching wrestling show, you may be served with a new fighting game, Wrassling from Tomato Can Games that will be launched next week on the App Store

wrassling walkthrough ios android

This game features a old school graphics and gameplay experience, in which its foundation is a silly physics engine that will at times have you bouncing around the ring uncontrollably.

Graphically, this game is made in retro pixellate graphics
Anyway, the physics based gameplay experience is a kind of hilarious, especially when the ring becomes full of wrasslers wearing some strange hats wriggling their arms that make you smile.
Here, you will see that fighter`s arms will spin wildly to hook an opponent then subsequently chuck them over the top rope.

In related to its unique gameplay, this game seems to be a crazy physics based game where you have to wrassle as many opponents as possible.

You will see some various opponents in which it will be more difficult to wrassle some of them in the ring.

On the other side, this game, Wrassling will also feature objectives and missions which will make the experience slightly more varied.

You will also see some challenges that will change every day so that you will have some incentive in coming back daily to the game.

In related to the game first launch, this game will soon be launched a free to play game on the App Store next week.
In addition, this game will also come along with a single IAP that will allow you to remove ads where you will play this game in full version.


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