World of Warriors Has just Come to App Store

The new game developer, Mind Candy, has just launched its newest game which is named World of Warriors that is now available on the App Store.

world of warriors walkthrough ios android

This new game is a really unique game which is the combination of some features taken from different genres.
The game offers some casual games features, such as time managment and more
Moreover, it also adds on top an engaging battle system and some role playing game features.

In this game, you will be fighting other warriors in an action battle system where it is really important to press the right button at the right time to attack, heal, restore mana and more.

You will also be able to bring more than a single warrior in battle, in which playing this game feels like Pokèmon
On the other side, this game is possible to improve your warriors and even evolve them into more powerful ones.

Here, the game’s better features is the colorful cartoonish presentation of this game.
You can see that all the warriors here are incredibly detailed, with their outfits and weapons being a faithful representation of the real-life warriors they represent.

If you are curious and wants to play it, this game is now available for download on the App Store.
This is a free to play title which includes an energy system and plenty of IAPs.


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