Wizards and Wagons as An Adventure Tower Defense Game Goes to iOS

As you have seen recently that the apple store is full of some interesting games coming with features taken from several different genres

wizards and wagons walklthrough ios android

And, if you really like playing any adventure game on the go, you may be happy that the apple store will soon supply a fresh adventure game

The adventure game that will come to ios is called Wizards and Wagons
In this game, you will have to defend your wagons from a variety of enemies traveling from town to town.

On the other side, this game can be said as a tower defense game that has been added with some interesting features that will make the experience more varied than any game in such genre.

Along the game, you can also travel to different towns, while becoming a bounty hunter to defeat specific enemies to get more rewards.

Similar to tower defense games, this game also comes with an upgrades system where you can improve your wagons so that you cannot be destroyed at ease.
This unique inventory system will really work almost like a puzzle game

In related to the first launching of Wizards and Wagons, it will soon be launched on the apple store soon

Anyway, an exact launching date seems to be confirmed yet on the App Store in all regions.
So, if you are really curious of what this game is all about, be sure to stay tunes on this page to get the newest info related to the review of even walkthrough of this game


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