With The Wind Puzzle Game Will Come to iPhone Soon

With the wind is a new puzzle game which will be coming to ios soon
In this game, you will have to use wind to your own advantage.

with the wind walkthrough ios android

This game will tell you about the young daughter or Aeolus, Ruler of Winds.
The girl will be assigned to collect bags of wind for her father, bags which are cleverly placed in the game’s many different stages.

On the other words, you will take a role as the Ruler of Winds, in which you will have a capability to use wind to your advantage, as well as manipulating the environment to finally obtain these bags of wind.

The manipulation of the wind is pretty nice as it will go in the direction you move, while making blocks move away, activating mechanics and more.
This feature elevates the game beyond other similar puzzle games, because movement will play an important part in clearing stages along the game.
With The Wind’s prettiness will come along with the brightly coloured 3D look.

You will play on grid-based levels in this game and you will need to use your wind power to manipulate the environment to reach each bag of wind.

For such reasons, every time you step in a direction, the wind also blows in that direction.
Getting this gift of power, this might push a block into a hole and out of your way.

Anyway, this game is still in progress with so many of its features have to be confirmed yet.
And Developer Twirlbound confirms that this game will be coming to iOS in early 2015 so just keep checking its website for more updates of this game.


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