Wild Wastes Goes to iOS Soon

As you may have known recently that the roguelike games are a kind of a niche genre that become slightly more popular on iOS devices

wild wastes walkthrough ios android

In line with this genre, Everplay Interactive and Cookiebit are working together on Wild Wastes, a game which is promised to be supported with touch controls, and hope to get cross-platform multiplayer implemented as well.

Also, this game will come along with high replay value, allowing you to tackle the game with different methods.

This game, Wild Wastes will be an interesting roguelike game also featuring some survival elements, where you will have to survive a whole week in the city of Earlsboro, that is a city filled with bandits and other dangers.

Here, your main goal is to fight and beat these enemies and you will also search for resources that are fundamental for survival, such as food and more.

Once making some progresses from one week to another, you will unlock more items and even more characters with different trais.

Anyway,m this game is yet to be launched on the apple store
So, just get your self updated on this site to get the newest info related to this game


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