Wicked World Goes to iOS

Wicked World can be said as a rhythm action adventure game where you will be assigned to navigate a ball around a sphere featuring almost labyrinthine structures in time with the music.

wicked world prototype walkthrough ios android

Recently, this game, Wicked World is being developed by Incondra, in which it is an action game that does not really have an end so it can be considered almost as an endless runner game, with obstacles also appearing in time with the music.

Anyway, this game will provide a blocky graphical style, with colors constantly popping out on screen and neon lighting like in the club music which will give the game a really stylish appearance.

Here, the game seems to feature a gameplay experience which will be easy to understand, making this game just right for the mobile environment.

In addition, this game, Wicked World is currently in development for iOS devices and it will soon be launched on the apple store.
So, just stay tune on this page to get the review or even walkthrough of Wicked World Prototype game


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