Wheel and Deal as An Arcade Game will Come to iOS Android

Robote Games has a plan to launch its newest game, Wheel and Deal which is a kin of neon-drenched arcade game, where you will play with car moving around the screen.

wheel & deal walkthrough ios android

On the other words, you will be assigned to control a constantly-accelerating car in a gridded cyber-verse, with the cops constantly on your tail and you have to get as far as possible.

Along the game, your car will automatically shoot out balls of energy which can beat your pursuers
Every time you shoot enemies pursuing your car, you will earn some points.

On the other side, the enemy cars will deliver you damage by crashing into you
Also, they will be shooting you if they have shots themselves, along with a number of different car models pursuing you.

Anyway, playing this game is all about gaining high scores, with more dollars, the game’s points, earned for each kill, and dollars that you can use to purchase some better cars.
And, to unlock every car of the game, you will simply have to gain enough points to purchase them.

Throughout the game, all you will do is to earn future unlocks such as having new cars
At the beginning of the game, you can start with an earlier car that will help in teaching you the basics of how to manage the auto-firing, as well as learning how to drive away from enemies then going back into them while beating them with your best shots.

In addition, the team behind Wheel and Deal has confirmed that this game will be launched on the App Store next week.
So, just stay tuned on this site to get the newest updates related to this game


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