Warhammer Arcane Magic as A Strategy Game Goes to iOS

The apple store will get a new guest that is a new strategy game based on the popular Warhammer franchise called Warhammer Arcane Magic

warhammer arcane magic walkthrough ios android

Publisher Turbo Tape Games has stated that this game will be launched on the App Store next week in all regions.

This game is added with a feature of a single player campaign where you can control a wizard who has to deal with different creatures taken from the Warhammer universe such as Keepers of Secrets, Harpies, Ghorghons and more in similar.

Along the game, you will also have to defeat these creatures with spells with the use of a card.
You will also use many different spells to try out in this digital board game

Anyway, if you are fans of the series, you will like the game even more
It is caused by, this game includes several references to characters and events of the Warhammer universe.

In addition, this game is going to be going to the App Store next week for the price of $9.99 that will make this game worth to be waiting for

If you like playing strategy game, be sure you are the first one to download and play this game on your phone


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