Viking Mushroom as Platformer Game Goes to iOS in 2016

Recently, some platformer games become more popular games on iOS platform, in which each of them offers a unique take on a tried and true formula.

viking mushroom forest rush walkthrough ios android

In line with this, another interesting puzzle platformer game called Viking Mushroom will be released next year on the App Store

This game, Viking Mushroom developed by MobGe is planned to be made with a unique graphical style and gameplay experience.

Along the game, you will simply control vikings as they travel through colorful yet dangerous locations.

Anyway, this game will also comes along with the game’s actual features such as a unique control scheme and all items made in the game are actually real life items that Vikings used.

In other words, the development team also added that this game is about tell story of Vikings and their lives, with every rune and item in the game having a real-world counterpart.

According to this, the developers focuses on delivering a strong story to the players and it aims to employ many new techniques to do so.

In line with the first launching of this game, it will go to mobile next year so the team will still get a time to add new game modes, bosses, and finalizing the story.

In addition, the game seems to be very promising to play on the go
So, be sure to stay tune on this page to welcome Viking Mushroom in 2016 that you can play both on iOS and Android devices.


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