Venture Kid as A Retro Platformer Game Goes to iOS Soon

For those who love playing an old school inspired platform games, you will be served with a game in similar genre called Venture Kid

venture kid walkthrough ios android

Venture Kind is published by FDG Entertainment, which will present a nice looking retro inspired platform game designed specifically for mobile mainly for iOS platform.

Recently, this game is in the progress for approval on Steam Greenlight
Also, this game will come to the iOS version, and it will have a set of virtual controls on the screen.

Although it is still in the progress, this game, Venture Kid will be the perfect game for all those who grew up with 8-bit platform games series.

Anyway, this game will not really be a revolutionary title but it will come along with a solid gameplay experience that you can enjoy on the go.

In related to the first launch of this game, it was planned to be launched last year on all formats but it seemed that a year passed without the game getting launched either on mobile or pc version on steam

Perhaps, this game will be released later this year on the App Store.
If you see in the trailer, you will see its old school inspired gameplay experience.

However, the developer has not yet reveal a final release date
So, if you wonder to play this game on your phone, you may stay tuned on this page to get the newest info related to the review or even walkthrough Venture Kid game


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