Vector 2 as Parkour Game Goes to iOS Soon

For those who like parkour or free running action sport, you may have known the game called Vector
This game was popular few years ago, and it really gave you a trick to do more on your parkour action

vector 2 walkthrough ios android

Also, this game, Vector is a pretty cool parkour-driven runner game designed for ios and android platforms

In line with this news, the developer, Nekki has officially announced that a sequel of Vector game will have a new series
And, this new series is on its way and will be coming to the App Store later this year.

This new sequel is called Vector 2 that is set in the same dystopian future as the first game
Here, you will see the protagonist trapped in a sort of hellish product testing facility.

At this point, you should parkour him to freedom and safety to safe area
But, you will meet even more deadly areas to navigate through.

For such reasons, you must get your hands on some new tech like special vests to protect you from all the lasers.

So, prepare yourself to show off your parkour stunts in this game
Anyway, the developer has not revealed the launching date of this game on mobile

If you wonder to be the first time to play and get walkthrough of this game, just stay tuned on this page


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