Vault as An Endless Runner Game Jumps to iOS Now

Nitrome has now revealed its newest game called Vault that is mainly designed for ios devices
This new game will be like an endless runner starring a pole-vaulter or it is about vaulting over chasms using a pole.

vault walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will have to time your vaults to bridge the games sizable gaps and you should also try to collect coins and pass through rings for score points.

In other words, you will run with your stick that you can use to jump the obstacles and coins at at time

In this game, you may sometimes play as a purple man with a bulbous red nose.
And, you can also play as a green fish or some other creature herein.
Whatever creature you are playing with, it looks fantastic in this signature art style.

The developer has said that they a few level-based games in the works as well such as Plod, a game which they have recently teased about a giant pair of shackled feet.

Anyway, this game may be out on the apple store today
So, just get your self ready to welcome this game, Vault on your phone


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