Universal Action Game Cloud Knights in iOS Now

If you see in itunes now, you will take a look at new arrival games that is just now released by thier developers
Those developer are vying to get your attention to play their game

cloud knights ios android walkthrough

In line with this, a new unique action game named cloud knights form astrosnout has now rolled out onto ios and it is available for download on the App Store
This game is a physics based game that promises to be quite fun to play with and it is rather QWOP-y, that is a cartoonish game with funny and strategic.

In this game, you will take a control of a powerful warrior who has to explore sidescrolling stages and beat countless enemies along the way.

Besides, this game has no movement controls, and all you will have to do in the game is simply to swing your weapon to the right or to the left.

By swinging your weapon correctly, you will be able to move as well.
At this point, this unique control methods will make the Cloud Knights experience deeper in that moving properly through the stages requires skill and proper timing.

Anyway, if you want a melee equivalent of “spray and pray,” you may find something like the chaotic technique used in Cloud Knights.

On the other side, this game is quite strange, in which it is physics-based action game where combat and movement stem from the same action which comes to relentless, haphazard swinging.

Here, you will be playing with an axe, a longsword, or a scimitar, as well as swinging your weapon ’round and ’round like a steel windmill.

Later on, you will be served with three different play modes which will be a single player compaign including 60 stages, a co-op mode and a versus mode. Needless to say that the multiplayer modes add even more variety to the game.

In addition, this game is now available for only $3.99 to download on the App Store.
Again, this game is a really unique game so make sure to try playing it and try to do something different as well.


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