Ultimate Briefcase as Arcade Game Goes to iOS Soon

If you are the one who like playing any arcade games on your mobile, you may have to try a new game in the same genre called Ultimate Briefcase that will be launched soon on the App Store

ultimate briefcase walkthrough ios android

This game, Ultimate Briefcase is now being under development of Nitrome
In this game, you will have to dodge bombs falling from the sky, that you can do with only your own briefcase as your helper.

Anyway, this briefcase is not a common briefcase as it is equipped with a variety of power-ups that will really help you complete each level in the game.

During your action to avoid those falling bombs and explosions, you will also be assigned to collect coins and to stay alive for as long as possible

With these coins you have collected form the stages, you can use them to upgrade the briefcase power ups and unlock new characters which are also equipped with special items

After going through one level, you will then be brought to dodge bombs in later level which wil be tougher ones.

Graphically, this game may be made with retro pixel art
In related to the premier launching of Ultimate Briefcase, the launching date is yet to be confirmed on the App Store.

So, just stay tuned on this page to get the newest updates related to Ultimate Briefcase or even walkthrough of this game


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